Nail Enhancements

Full Set Acrylic, Fibre Glass Or Silk Wrap

Enhancement With Extension

90 minutes    £30.00

Enhancement Over Natural Nail

60 minutes    £22.00

Maintenance 2 to 3 weeks

Up to 60 minutes     £18.00


Single Nail Repair


Soak Off Only

30 minutes     £12.00

This service is free with every new set of enhancements

Soak Off And Manicure

60 minutes     £25.00

Gelish "No chip, No Peel and Long Lasting"

This innovative nail system provides a long wearing and chip proof treatment that enhances your natural nails, encourages growth and lasts for up to 3 weeks.  High definition gloss, non yellowing and with many colours to choose from your natural nail has never felt so good.

Gelish Manicure

60 minutes     £22.00

Includes cut, file and cuticles. Maintenance is required every 2 to 3 weeks.

Gelish Pedicure

75 minutes    £30.00

To include cut, file, cuticles and hard skin. Maintenance is required between 4 or 5 weeks


Gelish Manicure & Pedicure


This innovative nail system provides a long wearing and chip-resistrant treatment that enhances your natural nails, and is available in a wide range of colours or a natural finish. Lasts up to 3 weeks on finger nails but will continue to shine for a further 3 weeks on your toes.

Perfect Hands

Marvelous Mini Manicure

30 minutes    £20.00

To include cut, file and buff  before the nails are imursed in scented warm water to help soften the cuticules in preperation for grooming.  The hands are then moisturised before applying the colour of your choice, suitable for busy ladies on the run.

Mini Manicure & Mini Perdicure


Marvelous Luxury Manicure

60 minutes    £30.00

This wonderful luxurious manicure exceeds the delights of the marvelous mini treatment by also including a full hand and arm exfoliation, deep massage to the elbow and a nourishing mask.  Hot mitts will ensure the moisturising effects of the mask penetrate the skin leaving it feeling soft and revitalized.  Heat is also a fantastic remedy in relieving joint aches and pains and is medically used to help deal with pain mananagement of Rheumatism and Carpal Tunnel sufferers.  All products are removed with hot scented towels and the treatment is finish with a colour polish of your choice.

File & Paint

15 minutes     £10.00

Perfect Feet


Heavenly Mini Pedicure

45 minutes     £22.00

Relax in a luxurious scented pedi spa bath whilst sipping herbal tea. Your tippy toes will then be transfomed into tip top condition with cut, file, buff and your over grown cuticles removed. Superficial hard skin is removed before a nourishing but revitalising mosituriser is applied.  This treatment would not be complete without the perfect application of a colour polish of your choice.

Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure


Heavenly Luxury Pedicure

75 minutes     £35.00

With the average person walking 10 miles per day, a luxury pedicure is the perfect thank you to your feet for their continuous support.  Sit down, take the weight off your feet and prepare to be pampered with the ultimate luxury pedicure.  Enjoy your tired feet soaking all the stress away and softening the hard skin to boot. Full leg and foot exfoliation with dead sea mineral salts will remove superficial dead skin cells and encourage good circulation. Hard skin is then removed with a foot rasp; before your nails are cut and shaped to perfection your cuticles are gently pushed back with any excess removed.  Hot scented towels will remove all traces of dead skin and product before the nourishing mask is applied to the entire foot and ankle and you slide your tootsies into hot booties.  Enjoy a refreshment while you wait for the mask to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. The remaining product is massaged into the skin whilst working on those tired muscles of the leg and releiving tension nodules in the feet.  Again, this treatment would not be complete without the finishing touches of the colour of your choice.

Rough & Tough Upgrade

extra 10 minutes   £12.00

Why not upgrade your mini or luxury pedicure to banish that tough hard skin for good.  The Heel Terminator will work deeper than any foot rasp or exfoliant on the market to remove thick hard skin leaving them soft and smooth ready to show the world.  Please be aware a short course of treatments may be needed to deal with excessive hard skin with a monthly maintenance recommended there after.
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Nail Enhancement & Services

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